Myths Small Business Owners Have About Building Their Own Websites

Are you a small business owner? Do think that the Facebook page of your business is the perfect alternative to having a company website? Or, a business website is so expensive that you cannot afford? Or, you don’t need professional website developers, as there are many DIY tools for building websites?

Well, all these are nothing but myths!

A website is a digital and visual representation of your business’ products and services. In this digital age, almost all businesses have a website that can be accessed by every individual who uses the internet. However, some small business owners have some misconceptions or believe in some myths regarding having a website. While some think that they can create it on their own, there are others who think that it is of no use for their business. They don’t understand how a website plays an important role in the growth of their business.

So, here, I’ve listed down some of the most common misconceptions about small businesses having a website and the truth behind them. Read on.

Myth 1: I Don’t Need a Website, As My Business Is Small

Fact: Well, this is one of the biggest misconceptions that a small business owner can have. If you think that you don’t need a website, as you don’t sell products online, let me tell you, you are wrong. You need to invest in some kind of advertising and marketing, after all. You may already know that you need to market your business in order to attract sales.

Having a business website allows you to reach a large number of audience and represent your business to them. It helps your business in earning trust and credibility. You can give it a human touch by adding pictures of your office events or your employees. Therefore, having a website is downright essential.

Myth 2: Only E-Commerce Businesses Need Websites

Fact: Do you think that you don’t need a website, as you don’t sell products online? Then it’s time that you change your thinking. About 97% of customers search online in order to find a local business or to make a buying decision. You need to keep in mind that your business website acts as a virtual address over the internet.

If you don’t have a website, know that you’re missing out on a huge number of customers. So, have a website for your business and exceed your customer reach, improve your customer service and reduce your overhead expenses.

Myth 3: Once I Create a Website, My Work Is Done

Fact: You need to update your website time to time, so that it can match the search engine guidelines and stay fresh. To make it simpler for you to understand, keep your website updated with the latest trends. The design of your website that is looking awesome today, may look obsolete tomorrow. The web is like a stream constantly touching different trends. And all you need is to go with the flow.

Don’t forget that your website, over the web, is the face of your business. If your website looks good and professional, the user will see you as an expert and want to take your services or buy your products. On the other hand, if your site looks cluttered, outdated and poorly designed, the users will think poorly of your brand. In order to avoid this, always update your website with the latest trends in SEO, design and mobile responsiveness.

Myth 4: Building a Website Is Cheap and Easy

Fact: You can find a lot of DIY website builder tools on the internet. While you can save money by using them, you still need experts in order to create a professional-looking website. They can suggest you the right web design according to your business – a design that can work well with your user types.

There is the need to work over your website’s SEO and architecture as well. The experts make sure your site remains mobile-responsive and runs smoothly. This makes it all the more important for you to consider web designers and developers.

Myth 5: Having a Facebook Page Is Enough for My Business

Fact: No doubt, social media is a great way to promote your brand. However, you still need a site to prove the credibility of your business. Also, it will let your social media followers know more about your business.

Facebook is a great place to put images of your business and list location, but it’s not good to show your company history and pricing info there. Having a website lets you have complete control over the content, whereas Facebook, being a third-party site have some terms of service that you need to abide by.

Myth 6: Once My Website Is Built, I’ll Get Results Overnight

Fact: There are more than 644 million websites on the internet that are active. And not to forget that there are thousands of websites that are selling the same products and services like yours. This means that your business can get lost in the crowd easily.

I have good news for you. You can increase the visibility of your business and appear on the first page in the search engine results page. And you have to do is use the right techniques and tools. Invest in different digital marketing campaigns such as SEO if you want to promote your website effectively.

Now that you know that these are just myths, don’t believe these anymore. In order to create as well as operate a great website, a lot goes into navigating, appearance, coding and functionality. Also, the collaboration between web designers and developers determine the quality of the end product.

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